Saturday, February 22, 2020

Anna's Stars Quilt Along - Week Six



Well, here we are at week #6 - the final week of the Anna's Stars Quilt Along.  I hope that the six weeks has been happy and productive for you.  If you have had some life interruptions that have waylaid you a bit, don't fret - these posts are all listed up at the top of this page and you can access them anytime you need to.  Remember to post photos over on Instagram and also in the comments on the blog.  We would all love to see your progress!

For those that are just joining us for the first time on this post .... 

The pattern, the fabric bundles and the kits for Anna's Stars are on sale on the website until Sunday, February 23rd.  If you are interested in making this project or know of someone who would, please link over to the website and have a look around.

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Now, let's continue with finishing this little cutie!

As always it is a good idea to read ahead to get an understanding of the process we will be taking in the final construction of this project.

The final step last week was to square up your quilt top and get ready for the borders.  The first thing we will do this week will be to cut the border strips as outlined in the pattern.

How many of you are frowning at those little 1" strips?!!!

(read ahead for other options)


The first thing to do is to measure through the center of your quilt and also the top and bottom of the quilt.  If the measurements are a bit different here and there, just choose the measurement that does not require any "significant" stretching or scrunching.

My average measurement is 28 3/4" and I will cut two of this measurement for the sides of the quilt from the first border fabric.

Pin the border to the right side of the quilt - I usually pin about every 6 to 8 inches (I don't measure).  Usually just enough to help hold everything in place.

Normal quilting construction would have you place the smallest unit on top of the larger unit when sewing - it is just easier to control.  I have found that when attaching the first border to a quilt top, I like to have the seam allowances on top so that I can make sure they are going in the proper direction and will lay flat when everything is done (see photo below).

Press seams towards the border fabric.

Measure the quilt again with these borders on and cut two strips this measurement for the remaining two sides of the quilt.  Mine measured 30 3/4" - see photos below.


Pin, sew and press as we did for the first two sides.


If you are making this with your own fabrics it is completely up to you whether you want to increase the size of the second border.  If you have bought the kit with the fabric then the only option you have is to make the little flange insert or to sew this strip in as a regular border which will finish at 1/2" - pretty darn small!  If you are using your own fabrics you can cut this flange/border strip whatever size you would like.  I wanted just a very hint of a flange border so that is why it is only cut at 1", if you would like a bit wider flange border you can play around with 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" - anything wider might look a bit awkward.

Creating the Flange Strip

Press the 1" strips in half, wrong sides together.

Measure the four sides of your quilt - they should all be equal, but if not choose an average measurement.  Cut four of this measurement from the pressed strips.

Pin in place to two sides of the quilt.  Take your time when sew/basting this strip .... this edge needs to be kept as straight as possible to eliminate any wavy action happening.  Make sure that the raw edges of the folded strip are aligned with the raw edges of the first border as perfectly as possible.  Your stitching doesn't need to be straight but the raw edges need to be kept even.

Stitch the strips in place using a long basting stitch using a skinny seam allowance (1/8").  We do not want this thread to show when the border is sewn on so the seam allowance needs to be less than 1/4".

Repeat this process for the other two sides of the quilt.  Overlapping the two pieces in the corners.


Referring back to the instructions for the first border add the remaining borders.

Press the third border carefully making sure that the inserted flange border doesn't get twisted.  The outside border is pressed towards the border fabric.


Give everything one final press .... hang it up and take a photo ..... and share it!  You are now ready to sandwich your quilt and get it quilted.

    Quilting over the flange border, or just up to either side of it, is totally up to you - either is fine.

Anna's Stars is certainly one of my favortite quilts and holds lots of memories for me.  In designing and making these two little quilts I learned that starching smaller units really does make a difference and I will use this method more frequently in my quilting.  I was very pleased with how everything fit together - with more precision and accuracy - and less frustration!

Thank you for following along with me and I hope you have learned something new or re-tested your skills.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments - I'd love to hear from you.

New patterns are in the works and I'm hoping we can do another Quilt Along in the Fall .... there are so many ideas to share.

Thank you for joining me on the first Quilt Along!

'til next time,

Thursday, February 20, 2020

My Quilting Directors

National Love Your Pet Day!

I would like to introduce one of my creative directors .... meet Tia Maria.

Tia is five years old and is a beautiful Bengal .... maybe just a bit on the “tubby” side but such a big pussy cat 🐱.  Tia is in charge of my time management .... she ensures that I get up early EVERY morning -  usually around 5:00 a.m. .... sometimes 5:30 ....... way too early in my opinion but there is no arguing with her.

Whiskey is my very loving director of operations (she is a little camera shy 😞).

Whiskey is a beautiful, tall, and lean seven year old Bengal ..... Tia and her had the same Mom but different daddies.  Both girls enjoy the job of quilt quality control 😀.... although they are not allowed out in the studio (located in our backyard) ...... they only inspect the quilts that come into the house.

These two directors keep us on our toes and make our days very interesting - we wouldn't have it any other way!

We don't need a special day to love our girls 😊, and we love them to bitz every day!

Do you have directors in your sewing room?

'til next time,

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Free Shipping!




Sorry folks ..... we got a little busy yesterday and forgot to get this posted .... but you still have a few hours to get in on the free shipping.



Anna's Stars Quilt Along - Week Five

Anna's Stars Quilt Along - Week Five

Wow.  Here we are at week #5 already!  How is everyone holding up?  Are you ready to show us your pretty stack of blocks ... we don't judge here .... remember I'm only showing you my good ones 😉- I've got little ones hidden away underneath the stack that are not all that pretty.  A little uneven here and a few seams that could have been readjusted ... but I'm happy with my progress.  I hope you are happy with your progress also!

This week we are going to take all of our "G", "F" and "H" background pieces and the little "I" print pieces and get everything sorted out on the floor, the design wall, or wherever you lay out your quilts to admire, fine-tune and arrange.

I use a combination of my design wall, floor and cutting table depending on which sections of the quilt I am working on.  The photo below shows all of the pieces arranged on the design wall.  This is where I audition where I decide where everything will go and get a really good idea of how things are going to fit together.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Lancaster is Here!


This was such a wonderful box to unpack!

Beautiful yardage and jelly rolls by Jo Morton for Moda.

 Bundles, jelly rolls and yardage are now ready on the website!

What type of project does this inspire you to make next?

Drop me a comment and let everyone know what you would plan for this beautiful line of fabric . . . we can inspire each other!  I am thinking something Primitive Fall or Halloween related 😀..... I'm seeing crows and pumpkins .....

'til next time,